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Spray cream or how to put exquisite finishing touches to your desserts

A recipe in gastronomy is something like the story of a novel. Sometimes, the content is less important and what matters is the ending, the icing on the cake, a detail that leaves a good taste on our mouths. Our Ken Spray Suprema Montada is the perfect finishing touch for your desserts, that final touch of cream that makes them stand out, with a perfect fresh cream flavour your clients will love.

Everything tastes better with spray cream or, at least, very few desserts can’t be improved with it if you want to offer diners an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Spray cream can be served as the finishing touch to an exquisite dessert that is home-made with the best ingredients. As well as giving a more original and delicious touch to no-less tasty frozen or semi-frozen desserts, which, with this kind of detail, improve a lot in their final presentation.

Fruit with spray cream

The Ken Suprema Montada spray  can also have a dual purpose. On one hand, it is obvious it brings the added value of the flavour of cream, but on the other hand it has an aesthetic and decorative purpose. An extraordinary way to give a dessert a different and enriching finishing touch, whether added on top, in a separate dish, or simply put on the side of the dish so the diner can mix it spoonful by spoonful with the main dessert.

You will agree with us that spray cream is essential for your hotel and catering business. It has become a more than necessary detail not just for decorating those desserts we have mentioned, but also fruit and even coffees, chocolate drinks, sorbets, milkshakes and so on. And of course, it is extremely important that the spray cream is a quality product, not just anything will do. Just as spray cream can perfect a dessert, it can also ruin it if you choose a low-quality brand with little taste.

Spray cream in milkshakes

Spray cream in milkshakes

There are numerous advantages to spray cream. It is instantly whipped so it is incredibly easy to use and apply. Our  Ken Spray Suprema Montada  keeps its creaminess and excellent pure cream flavour for a long time as it has a long shelf-life even after being used. As it is sweetened, it is ready to use with no need to add any other ingredient to improve its flavour. It is made with UHT technology so it does not refrigeration, only storage in a fresh, dry place below 20ºC. It does not contain gluten so it is suitable for celiacs, and its comfortable packaging means we can use it from start to finish without wasting anything.

Chocolate mousse with a touch of spray cream

Chocolate mousse with a touch of spray cream

What to decorate? Absolutely everything. From chocolate cakes, strawberries with cream, kiwis with cream, American pancakes, ice creams, “tocino de cielo” egg yolk dessert with cream, fruits of the forest with cream, crème caramels, red berries with cream, custard with cream and many more pastries.

Ken Spray Suprema Montada