Piemontese Panacotta

Surprise your guests and make an artisanal pannacotta with a delicious appearance in an easy way.

An ideal and fresh dessert that will delight young and old gourmets.

Get more of our Ken Nata Culinaria and make this great dessert filled with Italian tradition.


Steps to follow:

Soak in cold water the gelatin sheets.

Boil Ken Nata Culinaria with vanilla bean and sugar.

Strain the gelatin and add to mixture.

Strain again to remove the vanilla pod.

Pour in glasses and chill in the fridge.




– 0102211 Ken Nata Culinaria (500 g)

– 1/2 vanilla pod

– Sugar (100 g)

– Leaf gelatine (8 g or 4 sheets)



Open half the vanilla bean and scrape to get maximum flavor before putting it to a boil.

Timescale: 10 minutes

Cool in refrigerator before serving: 2 hours

With Ken recipes you will surprise your customers.