Ken Gourmet Duo

Recommended product for HORECA

Ken Gourmet Duo combines the ever-present features and advantages we always wished to have available in cooking and whipping creams. Versatile product for all applications, provides an excellent functionality in cooking as well as in confectionery.
The creaminess and taste of dairy cream without any affertaste nor artificial flavourings.

Ken Gourmet Duo, cooking and whipping creams

Shelf life of 9 months under refrigerated conditions (0/+60C).
• Excellent consistency and stability even under cooling/freezing conditions, without drying off nor cracking.
• Excellent performance in fillings, toppings, decorations and any other confectionery application. In the preparation of mousses and bavaroisses it can be also mixed with acid ingredients (lemon, strawberry, etc.) without curdling nor changing its texture.
• When cooked, it provides a creamy texture and maximum stability. It does not curdle when heated and it is stable in processes such as bain-Marie, re-heating and in addition of any kind of ingredients (liqueurs, acids…)

ken gourmet duo