Ken Culinario, the same product in a different guise

We present our new packaging design for our Ken Culinario product, a serving suggestion of a dish of pasta just like the one you can make.


As you know, Ken Culinario is a stable and functional product with all the advantages regarding creaminess and elasticity, and that melts in the mouth.

Talking about the flavour of Ken Culinario, we can say that it is pure dairy and has the unmistakable flavour of cream.
With Ken Culinario creaminess and consistency come together with great performance in refrigeration, reheating or freezing. It does not produce a skin or split and you can see the lack of curdling.
As it has lower cholesterol content it will make your recipes even healthier and lighter.
And a very important piece of information “does not contain gluten, therefore, it is totally suitable for people with celiac disease.



Ken Culinario is always ready to be cooked or mixed with any ingredient in your recipes.
For example, take a look at our Cheese Cream recipe made with Ken Culinario; you will surprise your clients with original, easy-to-make recipes.

cheese cream


We revolutionise the traditional concept of cream.