Heaven cheese with cherries

Attract new consumers and outstand the easy way. Here’s a simple design, but with great aspirations to become the flag dessert of your shop. A great recipe made by Ken and adapted to our times in which taste and flavor combine perfectly.

Steps to follow:

Mix Ken Preparado de Queso and Ken Tocino de Cielo.

Arrange in a mold.

Add candied cherries.

Boil Water bath in the oven (the time will depend on the extent of the mold).

Cool and unmold.

Decorate and serve.


– 0100087 Ken Tocino de Cielo (500g)

Ken Preparado de Queso 0100086 (500 g)

– Fresh cherries or chopped candied

Timescale: 15 minutes

Cool in refrigerator before serving


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