Giorgo's rice

Giorgo’s Rice


– 0102211 Ken Cooking Cream (250 g)

– Best quality round grain rice (300 g)

– Oil (120 g)

– Garlic (15 g)

– Tomato pulp (400 g)

– Large prawns (350 g)

– White pepper to taste

A dish to impress

It tastes so wonderful and is so easy to make that it astonishes everyone who tries it.

Make sure you try it.

It has the texture of a good risotto without being one and will win over all rice lovers with its great taste and smooth texture.

Giorgo's rice

Giorgo’s rice


Boil the rice until it is al dente, drain and put to one side.

Fry the garlic in the oil, remove it and put it to one side.  Fry the prawns in the same oil, then remove them and put them to one side.  Peel the prawns and press the shells and heads to extract the juice. Then add it to the oil.

In the same oil cook the tomato gently.  When it is half cooked add the Ken Cooking Cream and continue cooking on a low heat until the mixture becomes creamy.  Season well

Mix the prawns and rice with this delicious cream and serve.

It may be served with grated cheese and the addition of more pepper.

Preparation time: 30 minutes.

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This recipe uses our product Ken Cooking Cream, specially created to meet the needs of both the modern and traditional kitchen.

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