June 17, 2016 Recipes

Cinnamon Shake Ingredients:

– 0100087 Ken Tocino de Cielo (200 g)

– 0102222 Ken Gourmet Duo (170 g)

– Cinnamon to taste


The ideal refreshment for the youngest members of the house and a food complement that is full of energy.

Cinnamon Shake

Cinnamon Shake


In a pan or mixing bowl, put our products Ken Tocino de Cielo, Ken Gourmet Duo and cinnamon to taste. Mix together.

Serve very cold.



This recipe can also be made with vanilla instead of cinnamon. To the consumer’s liking.

Preparation time: 5 minutes


Original recipes to surprise your clients.

Our original Cinnamon shake is made with our speciality Ken Tocino de Cielo and Ken Gourmet Duo.

Ken Tocino de Cielo

Ken Tocino de Cielo

Ken Gourmet Duo

Ken Gourmet Duo