We offer you the chance to surprise your customers with the reinterpretation of the famous Italian dessert, with our new proposal “Chocomisú” full of Ken Trufa.
More and more, homemade desserts are valued and demanded by customers. At Ken, we try to offer delicious, cheap and easy solutions to make increase your food and desserts menu and delight customers with new recipes and presentations!

Steps to follow:

Whip Ken Trufa in a mixer at medium speed with a whisk attachment.

Put a layer of cocoa cake in a large mold or individual molds.

Bathe with espresso and add some liquor to the cake.

Display a layer of truffle.

Repeat the operation to get different layers (cake, coffee, liqueur and truffle).

Once the edge of the mold is riched, sprinkle with bitter cocoa.

(Assemble the dessert Tiramisu style).

Put in the fridge.




– 0100085 Ken Trufa

– Coffee

– Liqueur of choice (well with Cointreau or rum)

– Iron cocoa cake

Timescale: 15 minutes

Cool in refrigerator before serving: 2 hours

With Ken recipes you will surprise your customers.