Chicken and Mushroom Puff


– 1 kg. chicken breast.
– 400 ml. Ken Cream Culinary
– 500 grams. mushroom
– pepper
– salt to taste
– Olive oil


Cut the chicken into pieces.
Add salt and pepper.
Fry chicken in olive oil.
Add the previously washed and cut mushroom cubes. …
Once the chicken is golden, add Ken Cream Culinaria and let it cook slowly until thickened.

As a base, use what you enjoy most: light sponge cake or crunchy biscuit base.

As a dish itself accompanied by a side of sauteed vegetables, rice, pasta …
As a “foot”. English origin muffin in which bakery is mainly used. In this case we would cut the dough in the way you wish to give our dish; fill and bake painting egg before for a golden hue.

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