Cheese semi-sweet

A great recipe that will leave all your guests speechless.

Ken believe in development and the increasing that artisanal quality and carefully presented desserts are getting; thus being a special and easy way to increase your offer trough desserts like suggested.

Here is a cheese mousse, soft, at once tender and delicate… worthy of a great Chef.

Steps to follow:

Soak gelatin in cold water.
Heat 100 grams of Ken Nata Culinaria and dissolve the gelatin.
Beat the remaining Ken Nata Culinaria and Ken Preparado de Queso.
Strain the gelatin have dissolved with the cream so that no lumps appear
and add to the mixture. Beat until the desired texture, “mousse texture”
(don’t beat too much, otherwise we will hinder the mold-in).
When serving, must be removed from the freezer 15′ before to
Have the right texture texture.

– 0102211 Ken Nata Culinaria (500 g)
Ken Preparado de Queso 0100086 (500 g)
– Gelatine sheets (9 g or 4 sheets and a half)
– Sweet buscuits

Take care: don’t beat too much, because -having a high content of cheese- could be separated.

Download our recipe here