crema búlgara

Bulgarian Cream Soup

Ingredients Bulgarian Cream Soup:

– 0102221 Ken Dairy 35% (250 g)

– Boiled beetroot (550 g)

– Stock (180 g)

– Saltt

– Pepper

 Ken mark the difference for very little.

Discover a very special cream soup, brimming with colour and flavour. Beetroot is one of the most traditional ingredients of Central and Eastern European cuisine.

The ease of preparation and differentiated colour of this cream soup make it a dish for all seasons, can be served cold in summer or piping hot in winter.



Using a blender, mix the Ken Dairy 35% MG with the boiled beetroot and the stock.

Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Serve piping hot in winter or cold/lukewarm in summer.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

 ken lactea-35

Ken Láctea 35% MG 1L combine the ever-present features and advantages we always wished to include in our whipping and cooking cream: full fresh-cream taste, maximum creaminess and freshness in mouth without relinquishing to a good functional performance that makes our every-day work easier.

Excellent consistency and stability even under cooling / freezing conditions.

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