Barrufakis Toast

Barrufakis Toast Ingredients:

– 0102214 Ken Cream 38% (200 g)
– Toast
– Garlic to taste
– Mint to taste
– Lemon (45 g – 1 piece)
– Saltt to taste
– Pepper to taste
– Lettuce, tomatoes, radishes, sweet corn, pomegranate, olives, etc.

It looks amazing and thrills with its originality and great mix of flavours.
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tosta barrufakis 2


Mix Ken Cream 38% with the lemon, salt and pepper.
Leave to stand.
Rub the toast with garlic. Put the chosen fresh vegetables on top. Pour our sour cream sauce all over the top.

Preparation time: 17 minutes


This is a very refreshing recipe. Garlic, mint, tarragon, etc., can be added to the sauce.

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Our Barrufakis Toast has a star ingredient, our Ken Cream  38%, made from chosen raw ingredients giving professionals the greatest commitment to top organoleptic and functional quality.

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